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November 17, 2017
Education justice

Where are the Black scientists?

Black and brown people are vastly underrepresented in science, tech, and engineering. Although Black people report desiring to major in STEM at the same rate as their white counterparts, they are less than half as likely to end up in STEM-related jobs (US Census Bureau). And in a world that is increasingly high-tech and automated, this representation gap is a serious cause for concern. There are many factors that contribute to this problem, from the School-to-Prison Pipeline and the defunding of public education to corporate culture and depictions of Black people in the media. How do we bring together educators, universities, policy-makers, and employers to unleash the potential of Black people in the sciences? What can we learn from local efforts to close the representation gap?

Moderator: Turahn Dorsey

Participants: Bob Moses, Piper Harron, Amon Millner, and Zakiyah Ansari